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News and Project Updates for May 2024

From funding announcements to new projects and partnerships, we're really proud to be working on a number of collaborative projects this spring. And we have a lot of terrific news and updates to share!

Niriqatiginnga (‘Come Eat With Me’) is a grassroots, community-driven non-profit organization building on more than a decade of participatory research. As a locally and regionally-focused program, Niriqatiginnga supports four primary objectives: Indigenous Food Sector Entrepreneurship and Skills Development Training; Promoting Indigenous Agriculture and Agri-food-focused Research; Promoting Trade in Indigenous Peoples’ Food Products and Cultural Revitalization through Arts, Culture, and Creative Entrepreneurship

As a locally and regionally-focused program, Niriqatiginnga also lays the foundation for sustainable and impactful arts, culture and food sector entrepreneurship programming, while working to strengthen relationships between the Manitoba and the Kivalliq region. Niriqatiginnga is proud to be supporting members of and dedicated volunteers with the Kivalliq Chamber of Commerce. For more information, visit the web site at:

Latest Program News and Updates

It’s been a whirlwind start to the new year, with a flurry of activities and events keeping us all on our toes. As we continue to settle into the rhythm of 2024, we’re excited to share this recap of the latest happenings and news from our growing Niriqatiginnga community. From noteworthy achievements like National Kindness Week, the Kivalliq Energy Forum and Northern Perspectives conferences in February, to helping redesign a new Kivalliq Chamber of Commerce in March and April , there’s plenty to catch up on. So grab a cup of your favorite beverage, sit back, and let’s dive into the highlights together.

Canada Invests in Indigenous Intellectual Property Protection
May 1, 2024
Indigenous Intellectual Property Program grants were announced this week. The program is available to Indigenous organizations to support capacity building, education and awareness, as well as participation in policy discussions on the protection of Indigenous knowledge and Indigenous cultural expressions. Through these grants, Indigenous communities are empowered to protect and expand their intellectual property interests, fostering a renewed sense of strength and resilience. The grants were announced by Minister François-Philippe Champagne on May 1, 2024.

Minister Champagne announces grant recipients for programs promoting intellectual property education, awareness and capacity building
May 1, 2024
Funding will support Indigenous communities in protecting and expanding their IP interests and foster the development of future IP experts. READ MORE »

A Time for Transformation: Manitoba Arts Council launches 2024-2026 Priorities 
May 1, 2024
The Manitoba Arts Council’s 2024-2026 strategy puts equity at up front, ensuring underrepresented voices are heard across Manitoba. As well, a strong emphasis on climate responsibility and environmental stewardship signals a pioneering role for the arts in combating climate change. Read More »

Crafting Connections: Youth Artists to Explore Real-World Arts Marketing and Media Career Pathways
April 27, 2024
From data analysis to targeted strategies, youth media team members will gain essential skills for success this summer. With expert guidance this participatory organizational development initiative prepares Indigneous youth artists to thrive in a rapidly changing sector. Follow their adventures in advertising and media this summer. Read More »

Enhancing Our People Our Climate: Building Resilience through participatory and organizational capacity building
April 26, 2024
Northern food and supply chains are a big focus point for a lot of Niriqatiginnga activities this year. Just as partnerships at the domestic level are critical to ensuring the safety and security of Canada’s Arctic, it is equally important to work with other Arctic states and international partners in the broader region. Read More »

From Classroom to Kitchen: Winnipeg Youth Food Development Project Plans Fall and Winter Jam Collection
April 21, 2024
A new food sector entrepreneurship program is starting up this summer in Winnipeg, Manitoba. In the coming months, a small group of youth artists studying entrepreneurship with the non-profit organization Niriqatiginnga are designing, marketing and selling a special edition line of homemade jams for the fall and holiday season. Read More »

Youth, Artists dedicate skills to build new platform to northern chamber of commerce
April 20, 2024
Almost into its third year, Indigenous youth, artists and Volunteers from @1860, a Canada Council for the Arts-funded Digital Greenhouse program dedicated hundreds of hours applying their skills to rejuvenating online presence for Kivalliq and Manitoba Arts and Culture​ programming. Read More »

Growing Creative Communities with a Digital Greenhouse 
Aligning with other main objectives for Niriqatiginnga’s first phase is to explore piloting an online marketplace alongside their ‘living lab’ for Indigenous food sector entrepreneurship. As a pilot program, this new Manitoba-Kivalliq arts and culture marketplace will be able to sell not just food products, but arts, crafts and maybe even furs from hunters and harvesters too! Read More »

Upcoming Program Deadlines

For a full list of upcoming events, visit our events calendar.

From the Ground Up – Safe Healthy Communities for ALL Program

The new program provides application-based project funding to support a broad range of community renewal efforts, community capital projects and children and youth initiatives. It will focus on community-led response and revitalization efforts including capacity building, wellness and safety, community economic development, social inclusion, housing coordination and children and youth initiatives. The application intake for the program is now open and the application deadline is May 31, 2024. Read More »

Manitoba Arts Council: Share – Artists in Communities

The Artists in Communities program supports arts-related activities by individuals, arts groups, and organizations that face barriers to accessing artistic opportunities and/or serve a community that faces barriers to accessing artistic opportunities. The deadline is May 15, 2024. Read More »

Picture of @1860 Winnipeg Arts

@1860 Winnipeg Arts

@1860 Winnipeg Arts is a small, community-driven arts entrepreneurship and cultural entrepreneurship program in Winnipeg, Manitoba.