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2023-2024 PROJECTS



virtual and community events

Join the Our People Our Climate project March 7, 2023 for a special workshop with the United Nations Environment Programme. This workshop aims to strengthen storytelling skills for youth around the world taking effective action on the environment. The ground-breaking documentary film initiative, Our People Our Climate, will present their remarkable work aiming to develop the storytelling skills of indigenous youth and young adults.

Take part in this year’s winter programming. Starting in December 2022, we will meet weekly on-line and in-person and have several great events and opportunities to learn about arts and arts entrepreneurship here in Winnipeg, Manitoba. From National Kindness Week to Arctic Science Summit Week and photojournalism with the Our People Our Climate project, this year’s Winter program has a little bit of everything. 

We’ve been proud to support National Kindness Week in Canada since its inception. From February 12-19, 2023, Canada will observe the second annual National Kindness Week. The annual, week-long celebration encourages Canadians from coast to coast to coast to celebrate acts of kindness, volunteerism and charitable giving to the benefit of all Canadians, and connects individuals and organizations to share resources, information and tools to foster more acts of kindness. 

As part of Arctic Change 2020 our partners from the Northern Inclusion initiative produced short videos presenting the many different journeys of the members our community of Northern research. Referred to as Vox Pops in Northern Inclusion, these videos gather testimonies of researchers, youth and other members from the North and the South, celebrating the diversity enriching our research community as well as identifying obstacles and barriers with an intersectional approach.


"Participating in the arts has been transformative for our youth, boosting their confidence and sense of belonging in the community. It's so important that we continue to support programs like this that promote participation and inclusion in the arts."
Parent, artist and Advisor


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We’re proud to be working together for resilient and healthy communities.

Supporting local arts and entrepreneurs

Thank you to the local businesses here in Winnipeg who’ve supported our small, grassroots project. The Covid-19 pandemic brought so many challenges, and we are grateful for their support. 

Please support the local and Indigenous-owned businesses who contribute to making our programming possible. 

Thank you to the City of Winnipeg!

Our @1860 Winnipeg Arts program and Global Dignity activities were honoured to receive a 2021 Winnipeg Wellness Grant from St. James Councillor, and now Mayor of Winnipeg, Scott Gillingham. Thank you, Mayor Gillingham for recognizing our efforts and supporting our efforts during the pandemic.

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