@1860 Winnipeg Arts  2020-2023 Community Projects

2023-2024 Fall and Winter Projects @1860 Winnipeg

Niriqatiginnga: Arts and Creative Entrepreneurship for Northern Food Systems Innovation

A new project that will fuse arts and cultural entrepreneurship with understanding issues around northern food insecurity and supply chains. 

Through arts, music and intergenerational storytelling, “Winter City Stories: Tales from the Concrete Tundra” lays the groundwork for an engaging and meaningful exploration of oral traditions in the context of contemporary urban life. This project is all about storytelling in the heart of Winnipeg. 

From the Forks and St. Boniface to St. James and the historic downtown Exchange District, we’re using the arts, stories and traditional knowledge to explore old places, new spaces and the power of human connection. 

2023 Spring and Summer Projects

In February 2023, our project presented on inclusion in northern research and recreating environments of inclusion through the arts at the Arctic Science Summit Week 2023 in Vienna, Austria. This was made possible with support from Cardiff University, Polar Impact, the International Arctic Science Committee, and the Austrian Polar Research Institute. We are grateful for the opportunity to participate in these important international dialogues and hope these annual conversations can continue and grow. 

Also in February, our project co-facilitated for Canada’s second-annual National Kindness Week with Global Dignity Canada, hosting a national press conference broadcast across the country on CPAC and the Parliamentary Press Gallery. The event also saw more than 2,000 people watching and participating via live streams and included participation from more than 14 schools and more than 400 students across Canada. 

In March 2023, we took part in a new iteration of Our People Our Climate — an arts and photojournalism workshop organized by the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in partnership with the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP). We have been learning from this initiative since 2019, witnessing its growth despite the challenges of the pandemic, and now seeing it make a global impact. 

Since our project started in 2020-2021 photos and images have been viewed more than 1,000,000 times. Our project has presented to audiences across more than 42 countries reaching more than 12,000 attendees. 

Manitoba Arts Council Indigenous 360 Program
Minneapolis College of Art and Design, 2019 – 2023

Our People, Our Climate is a ground-breaking documentary film initiative, aiming to develop the storytelling skills of Indigenous youth and young adults. First Nations, Metis and Inuit communities across Canada’s Arctic are essential to current climate change discussions, and this project brings together a range of young people in these communities to tell important stories through a unique and distinct cultural lens.

Spring-Summer 2023

Climate Storytelling and Photojournalism

Tony Eetak explores Winnipeg news history at Qaumajuq

For our digital and cultural entrepreneurship program, we were able to engage high-school, college and university students using the arts to support climate change evidence and visualization through professional photography and storytelling.

In this eery shot, a LRWC (lowered rotating wall cloud) produced intense downburst winds 5 miles east of Larned, Kansas. As this system moved into warmer air, it produced multiple funnels and intense dust vortices. Photo by Ethan Caners.
Capturing Climate Change: Ethan Caners captured this incredible lower rotating wall cloud
Ethan Caners captured this rear flank downdraft.

This spring and summer saw youth and emerging artists capturing the effects of climate change from the midwest USA to Arctic Nunavut.

Watch the workshop with UNEP

Tony Eetak captured the smoke from NWT forest fires on the west coast of Hudson Bay

2022-2023 Winter Arts Program

Manitoba Arts Council Indigenous 360 Program
Winnipeg, Manitoba and Virtual, December 2022- April 2023

Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, @1860 Winnipeg is an evolving, grassroots digital arts and cultural entrepreneurship collaborative supporting training and professional development for emerging, urban and newly urban Indigenous youth artists and cultural connectors. Launched in November 2021 with funding from the Canada Council for the Arts with support from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design this unique program has grown beyond its original scope to support hybrid programming engaging urban, rural and northern participation as well as internationally. 

This season’s projects were made possible with financial support from the Manitoba Arts Council Indigenous 360 Program.

Race and Systemic Bias in Arctic Sciences​

Arctic Science Summit Week, March 2023
Vienna, Austria and Winnipeg, Manitoba

Arctic science suffers from systemic biases that marginalize and exclude people who are Black, Indigenous, or from other under-represented minorities both in the Arctic region and around the world. During this workshop we heard from speakers who have been impacted by these issues, and are working to eliminate them. 

2023 Winter Arts Workshops

@1860 Winnipeg Arts, January 2023
Winnipeg, Manitoba

As we enter our second year, our @1860 incubator program has been exploring longer-term, sustainable programming. This winter we were excited to replicate some of our workshops in Northwestern Ontario, in addition to resuming curation and exhibition activities. 


National Kindness Week 2023

National News Conference, February 2023
Ottawa and across Canada, February 15, 2023

The Winnipeg @1860 incubator initiative was unveiled in Feb 2022 during a CPAC press conference celebrating Canada’s inaugural National Kindness Week. This year our team organized a successful pop-up event during both Arctic Science Summit Week, and for National Kindness Week we held a live national with more than 14 schools across Canada, which our incubator team played a pivotal role in facilitating. We are proud to have contributed to supporting this national event.

2022 Spring and Summer Arts Programs

Canada Council for the Arts, Digital Greenhouse
Winnipeg, Manitoba and Virtual, 2021-2022

Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, @1860 Winnipeg is an evolving, grassroots digital arts and cultural entrepreneurship collaborative supporting training and professional development for emerging, urban and newly urban Indigenous youth artists and cultural connectors. Launched in November 2021 with funding from the Canada Council for the Arts with support from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design this unique program has grown beyond its original scope to support hybrid programming engaging urban, rural and northern participation as well as internationally. 

2022 Summer Arts Program​

@1860 Winnipeg Arts
Winnipeg, Manitoba; 2022
Manitoba Arts Council Indigenous 360 Program

An 8-week hybrid digital arts program for Indigenous youth emerging artists and cultural connectors held in Winnipeg, Manitoba. This pilot program was funded by the Manitoba Arts Council with support from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. This arts and climate entrepreneurship-focused program saw virtual participation from communities across Canada. Youth also created an online gallery and platform to support their future work.

Watch: Highlights Video
Explore: Our People Our Climate

Dr. Olaf Kuhlke and Jamie Bell present on the cultural entrepreneurship and digital skills incubator project during our visit to Qaumajuq.

2022 Winnipeg Arts Workshops

@1860 Winnipeg Arts
Winnipeg, Manitoba; 2022
Canada Council for the Arts Digital Greenhouse

We were thrilled successfully host our very first professional development and results sharing workshops in April, 2022, with generous support from the Canada Council for the Arts Digital Greenhouse. Despite the challenges of the past year, our workshops were a resounding success, bringing together a small, but dedicated group of artists, cultural entrepreneurs, and creative minds to collaborate, learn, and share their results.

Watch: Highlights Video

Using the arts in support of inclusive and participatory learning environments​

Auviqsaqtut Inuit Studies Conference
Winnipeg, Manitoba and Virtual, 2021-2022
Canada Council for the Arts Digital Greenhouse

This grassroots arts project brought together northern and southern youth, community builders, arts-based researchers, cultural creators and educators to share cultural and environmental observations, challenges and insights-based solutions for hands-on digital arts and technologies to tackle cultural and climate change through regenerative artistic creation, cultural entrepreneurship training and participatory video training. 

University of Minnesota Duluth
Winnipeg, Manitoba and Duluth, Minnesota and virtually, 2021

Indigenous entrepreneurs are ready to embrace a bold new future together, thanks to a successful partnership to explore how Cultural Entrepreneurship can contribute to building sustainable jobs for local communities; and to be full economic partners in Canada’s future prosperity through online learning. 

This project, launched in the spring of 2021, was supported by US National Science Foundation-funded digital incubator research and was an example of Canada, Minnesota and international science and economic development cooperation.

Read about it in Kivalliq News

Arctic Change 2020
Winnipeg, Manitoba and Virtual, 2020

With support from the ArcticNet Network Centre of Excellence, Inclusion in Northern Research was a trans-disciplinary, international and cross-cultural, community-driven, participatory exploration of what it means to feel included in Northern research.

Watch: Vox Pops in Northern Inclusion

Arctic Science Summit Week 2021
Lisbon, Portugal

The Inclusion in Northern Research Project, which was developed through the course of the last year and premiered at the Arctic Change 2020 virtual meeting, began with the creation of videos highlighting the varied journeys of our colleagues, and grew into an online discussion that included over 1000 people in 35 countries, starting important conversations about inclusion in our research community in a safe and open spaces. 

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy
ArcticNet Network Centre of Excellence

There is an indisputable body of evidence proving diverse and inclusive teams produce more creative and innovative science. ArcticNet is committed to sharing the responsibility to promote positive change and cultural inclusion within the Network. It recognizes that the existence of systemic racism against racialized and Indigenous People, the impacts of colonialism in Canada, anti 2SLGBTQ+ discrimination, discrimination based on disabilities, gender inequality and any combination of these limits the full participation of many of ArcticNet members and partners.

Read the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

Global Dignity Canada
Ottawa, Winnipeg, Canada and Alaska

Despite the challenges faced by many events in 2020, we were honored to participate in our first international Global Dignity Day event. With over 100 locations from around the world, our event brought together diverse voices and perspectives to promote dignity and respect for all. We were humbled to receive recognition from the Prime Minister of Canada, and we are grateful for the support of our participants and partners in making this event a global success. Together, we continue to champion the values of dignity, inclusivity, and solidarity, making a positive impact on our communities and beyond.

Watch: Global Dignity Day 2020


Supporting Arts, Entrepreneurship and Community-Based Research

Our grassroots community-based arts and entrepreneurship research and professional development programming was made possible through funding and support from several organizations, including: the Arctic Buying Company, ArcticNet, Chocolatier Constance Popp, the Canada Council for the Arts Digital Greenhouse, Manitoba Arts Council Indigenous 360 Program, the University of Victoria Community Based Research Lab, the University of Minnesota Duluth and the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. We gratefully acknowledge their support.


Our @1860 Winnipeg Arts program started in 2019-2020 during the pandemic and has since grown into a small urban arts collective. Our projects would not have been possible without the financial support of the following organizations.