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Thank you to Calm Air for supporting artists and businesses with the Kivalliq Chamber of Commerce!

Calm Air sponsors 2024 Northern Perspectives Conference and Artists Market

We're very thankful for the support of Calm Air in making economic development opportunities possible.

At the @1860 Winnipeg Arts collective, we are thrilled to work in collaboration and partnership with non-profit organizations like Niriqatiginnga and the Kivalliq Chamber of Commerce. We have several members and collaborators across Manitoba and the Kivalliq region of Nunavut. As proud members of the Chamber, we stand united in our collective commitment to fostering economic growth, leadership development, and sustainable community collaboration within the vibrant Kivalliq region.

This year, we are incredibly grateful for the support of Calm Air, always a terrific sponsor of events and activities that communities together. Calm Air’s generous contribution includes donating a set of plane tickets for this year’s 2024 Northern Perspectives conference, 2024 Artists Marketplace and Kivalliq Energy Forum events. Additionally, Calm Air is offering discounted airfare rates for those who wish to travel to the events in Winnipeg, which run from February 26-29, 2024. 

Don’t forget to use Travel code: KEFNP24! The booking dates are January 16, 2024 – February 15, 2024 with travel dates from February 23 – March 3, 2024.

The high costs of northern travel from Southern Canada can often pose challenges, but with special rates of up to 50% off airfare with Calm Air for KCC Members, accessibility to these important events is greatly enhanced. But it’s not just about discounted airfare. This kind partnership underscores the importance of collaboration between businesses and community organizations in facilitating meaningful opportunities for engagement and growth. This also goes to the heart of why chambers of commerce are important.

As we continue to work together towards healthier, resilient communities through the arts and cultural entrepreneurship, we express our gratitude to the Kivalliq Chamber of Commerce and Calm Air for their support of this year’s events and activities where projects like ours can network and grow. As many know, our group is very small, entirely run by volunteers and operates with very little funding and resources. The high costs of northern air travel often make it very difficult for artists and culture sector workers to travel north and south for these kinds of opportunities. These contributions are making a big difference and shaping a brighter future for all our communities. Thanks to Calm Air, five Inuit artists are going to be at this year’s Manitoba-Kivalliq Artists Marketplace!

So it’s important we express our thanks to Calm Air for supporting our communities in being able to participate in opportunities to travel for our sector. To sell our art. To learn and share knowledge and stories with each other, and across communities.

For more information about our collaboration or to learn more about our work, please visit artsincubator.ca or contact info@niriqatiginnga.ca.

Copyright 2024 – @1860 Winnipeg Arts is a volunteer-driven, urban Indigenous arts collective.

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