The Inclusion in Northern Research project was a grassroots program developed during the pandemic. Here, Masha-May Fotheringham, Tootoo Fotheringham and Pangniq Porter share a moment with mentors Remi Lemieux and Tara Baswani.

Inclusion in Northern Research (2020-2022)

Our community of Northern research is diverse: it includes people from the North and the South, involves workers and scientists from communities, government and academia as well as stakeholders and knowledge-holders from across the Arctic Circle. 

Many different journeys led our members to where they are today, contributing to the richness of our community. However, our members also overcame many barriers along the roads they took to become involved in Northern research. Our community faces many systemic hurdles that we cannot ignore: among these (but not limited to) the historical use of science as a tool for colonialism and the lack of diversity within academia. 

We must address these barriers and find ways to collectively lift them, to make our community inclusive to all who are involved in Northern research. We must continue to address these barriers and find ways to collectively amplify those voices, to make our community inclusive to all who are involved in Northern research.


Our Goals

For the #InclusionNorthernResearch initiative, our goals were to: 

  • Hear the diverse voices within our community on their experiences;
  • Celebrate the diversity enriching our research community;
  • Identify obstacles and barriers with an intersectional approach;
  • Lift these barriers as a community;
  • Promote Equity, Diversity and Inclusion for our community;
  • Do better

ArcticNet EDI Strategy


Connecting youth, community and cultures across northern, southern Canada and beyond.


Exploring Inclusion through arts-based Community-Based Participatory Research experiences. 


Join the conversations and find out what it means to be included in Northern research.

In partnership with Indigenous and non-Indigenous researchers, students and youth from northern and southern Canada prepared short films showcasing different journeys from members of our community. 

The Inclusion in Northern Research Project was developed through the course of these past two years and premiered at the ArcticNet Arctic Change 2020 virtual meetings. It began with the creation of videos highlighting the varied journeys of our colleagues, and grew into an online discussion that included over 1000 people in more than 40 countries, starting important conversations about inclusion in our research community in a safe and open space.

Inclusion in Northern Research: Arctic Change 2020

Inclusion in Northern Research: Arctic Science Summit Week 2021

Lisbon, Portugal

ArcticNet Annual Scientific Meetings 2021

Recreating Environments of Inclusion: Northern Research was a unique, evolving audio visual series featuring the Inclusion in Northern Research knowledge exchange community; and debuts an equity and inclusion toolkit with tangible actions for research and impact creation communities, and their emerging, collaborative partnerships. 

In this first installment debuting at ArcticNet Annual Scientific Summit 2021, Northern and Southern scientists, researchers, cultural impact creators and community builders outline experiential challenges and bridge their insights into required solutions for co-creating a collaborative impact movement to address planetary challenges being faced in the Arctic regions. We are grateful to each contributor for informing this toolkit, and committing to aware action as one ecosystem.

Dr. Catherine Girard, PhD

Maeva Gauthier, MSc

Paul Sokoloff, MSc

Dr. Marie-José Naud

Thanking our Sponsors and Supporters

Inclusion in Northern Research would not have been possible without the dedication and support of numerous individuals, organizations and institutions. We thank them for their support in making this project a reality, and for supporting our youth, researchers and communities throughout the pandemic.