Our experimental Incubator for Digital Arts and Cultural Entrepreneurship is an urban and land-based arts and culture training program for next-generation Indigenous talent, with the goal to incubate sustainable self-employment in the arts and cultural sectors. 



Indigenist frameworks emphasize that knowledge develops in circles. Our aim is to be on a good path together, grounded in relationship, accountability to youth, the community and each other as we circle in on deeper levels of understanding.

We do not know what our outcomes will be yet; where our endpoint lies but we are learning together.

This, we think is reconciliation in action, one relationship at a time.

This experimental, Canada-US pilot program for digital arts and cultural entrepreneurship was made possible with financial investment from the following organizations and we gratefully acknowledge their encouragement and support.

This digital arts innovation and skills training program was funded by the Manitoba Arts Council.
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This digital arts and cultural entrepreneurship training program in Winnipeg, Manitoba was supported with strategic innovation funding from the Canada Council for the Arts.
We are thankful to the Arctic Buying Company Kivalliq and Winnipeg for making our program possible.